About Us:


After learning how to eat clean and become more aware of what goes in my body, I've discovered that what goes on my body is equally important. I've begun the journey of making all natural body products which include butter, scrubs, lotions and soap. Thus Pure Body Essentials was born.


I've learned that commercial soaps and lotions are hard on regular skin, and worse if you have sensitive skin. The chemicals used to make and enhance their product can dry and damage skin. Regular soaps will remove naturally present glycerin and instead include harsh substances like dyes, synthetic fragrances and preservatives.


Natural body products are a healthy alternative for you and your family. By using natural handmade soap, you can potentially avoid, or at least reduce, many common skin problems. Natural soap contains ingredients that have been produced without using herbicides, chemical fertilizers, or pesticides.


I use only pure all natural ingredients to provide the best quality product. I'm glad you've decided to take the all natural journey with me. I hope you enjoy.


Mission Statement:


It is our mission at Pure Body Essentials to cultivate a natural community that encourages the creation and use of handcrafted soaps and body care products, and other handmade and small batch products. We strive to operate our Company honorably, with creativity and profitably, and with the utmost respect for those our products and services touch.


Our Vision:


Our vision is to offer alternatives to mainstream, potentially toxic soap and body products.




This company is licensed and insured.

This company is licensed and insured.